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Freezy was brought to Pet Pals in the winter of 2009. Freezy was brought to us along with her two puppies, all as strays. Flurry and Flicker were adopted. Freezy has an injured lower lip. It appears that someone wrapped wire or tape around her lip. She also had cuts under her neck. Freezy's back

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Born April 11th, 2008, Plum is a LOVE. In fact, he is a pest!! Plum loves being in the middle of any thing you are doing! Doesn't everyone want a sweet kitty to keep you company? Poor Plum just hasn't had a single inquiry in all these years. Can you help him?

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ANOTHER sweet kitty in Torrington, WY who was going to be shot so the kittens would die. The city pound doesn't take in cats and tells people to shoot them per our state laws or have an area vet KILL them. Luckily for Jannis, a Pet Pal supporter came to the rescue and we agreed

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YOUR donations are saving lives, THANK YOU! We need to win the Lottery if we are to continue taking in pets! Poor Lotto was found wondering in and out of our local bar. He had huge ticks hanging off of him and there is a terrible scar all the way around his neck. Sweet young

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Poor mommy kitty named Nutmeg had kittens who were born in a horse trailer. Luckily, they were brought to Pet Pals before they became coyote food. The kitties loved to romp and play all day long. Then one day three of them were adopted TOGETHER! Nutmeg was so happy to have a home with her

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Hoot is just new into rescue. He is the only survivor from a gal's barn. She thinks a large owl killed the other kitties. Hoot is scared but is actually a very sweet kitty and enjoys being scratched behind his ears!

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A wonderful adopter/supporter named this baby Love. She said at least if he didn’t live he would know what love was. When our sweet volunteer brought us this stray baby, she had named him Mouse. So his name is Love-a-Mouse! We don’t know what happened to his Mother or littermates. Our best guess is they

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Stretch Meow


Stretch is a BEAUTIFUL big kitty. He was originally a stray several years ago. Stretch weights around 20 pounds! Stretch has one tiny tiny problem! He INSISTS on going outside. Stretch WILL NEED a home with an outdoor cat enclose so he can sit outside and be safe. It was discovered that Stretch will scream,

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Cure little Lassie looks like a Border Collie dog! She came in with three other kitties. Their Mother was smushed on a county road after being dumped. All of the other ones have new homes except her!

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Tessa Lynn


Tess Lynn came to us as another VERY PG stray. She was within hours of delivering babies. Tessa Lynn finally decided other kitties were okay and now gets along with them GREAT and enjoys playing with them. Perhaps Tessa Lynn was hurt previously and thought she had to protect herself. Now she is a confident

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