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This is adorable Dobby!  Dobby is a hairless Chihuahua. He is another DOLL and weighs only 8.1 pounds.  Dobby is content to lay on a chair and watch what you are doing. Dobby can get a little bit out of sorts and will use his teeth when he doesn’t want to be moved or touched! 

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This is TNT Tim! We named him this because he is like TNT and will blow up (bite) until he gets to know you which takes about two hours! He’s also called Tiny Tim because he only weighs 6.11 pounds! Tim wants picked up and carried around. This little boy is almost seven years old.

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Freezy was brought to Pet Pals in the winter of 2009. Freezy was brought to us along with her two puppies, all as strays. Flurry and Flicker were adopted. Freezy has an injured lower lip. It appears that someone wrapped wire or tape around her lip. She also had cuts under her neck. Freezy's back

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All the way from California!! NO, Pet Pals did not bring this dog from another state when so many are being killed locally. One of our supporters fell in love with two five year old dogs while he was in California visiting a shelter. Nike and Milly got along great for four or five months

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