Color: Black & White



Born April 11th, 2008, Plum is a LOVE. In fact, he is a pest!! Plum loves being in the middle of any thing you are doing! Doesn't everyone want a sweet kitty to keep you company? Poor Plum just hasn't had a single inquiry in all these years. Can you help him?

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ANOTHER sweet kitty in Torrington, WY who was going to be shot so the kittens would die. The city pound doesn't take in cats and tells people to shoot them per our state laws or have an area vet KILL them. Luckily for Jannis, a Pet Pal supporter came to the rescue and we agreed

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Cure little Lassie looks like a Border Collie dog! She came in with three other kitties. Their Mother was smushed on a county road after being dumped. All of the other ones have new homes except her!

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