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We are an Adoption Center, Sanctuary and Hospice

Located in Wyoming about 65 miles North of Cheyenne, our state capitol, we are the only licensed nonprofit animal facility in our county which covers 2,225 square miles.

Our mailing address is:
Pet Pals, Inc., Spay/Neuter Drive, Hawk Springs, WY 82217


Click on Rosie's picture to see how she's doing with no back legs! THANK YOU for your help saving her.

Remember to spay/neuter your pets! THANK YOU!

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Lots of educational stories and happenings here at Pet Pals Adoption Center, Sanctuary and Hospice!

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Phone Callers

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Seat Belts ARE Needed

***Seat Belts ARE Needed ***Here's the Reason

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Pet Safety


Graphic~SLAUGHTER~**Movie** (slow loading)

Graphic~Slaughter Movie

Graphic~SLAUGHTER~ **Movie** (slow loading)


Graphic~SLAUGHTER~ **Movie** (slow loading)

Graphic~Horse SLAUGHTER

Graphic~Horse SLAUGHTER~ **Movie** (slow loading)

Graphic~Born to DIE

Graphic-Born to DIE~**Movie**


Graphic~Abuse in Our County

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Graphic-TOO LATE

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Graphic~Live Killing

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Look Again~ Temperament Tests that KILL needlessly

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Pet Therapy OVER 200,000 HOMELESS Pets


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No-Birth is the first step to No-Kill

**Spay/Neuter Clinics Ongoing**
Call NOW to sign up.
We fill up fast!

Call 307-532-3861 to be scheduled.
Can we do you a spayvour?
Our P.A.L. (Prevent a Litter) program will help you spay/neuter your pet if you are low income. Just ask.
100% recovery rate at our clinics! Over 2,600 pets have been worked on!

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A MUST SEE for people wanting to buy or breed.

Adopt for LIFE.


Every month we are spaying or neutering more pets. Our vet bills are in the thousands of dollars. This does not include paper towels, garbage bags, laundry soap and Clorox, etc., which also costs us lots of money.

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Click the above picture to see what REALLY happens locally at the rodeo. With no respect or kindness to animals, is it any wonder why there are school shootings, murders, rapes and another prison is being built? We try to help abused animals daily. Many come to us beaten, starved and with bullets in them

Keep up the good work SHARK these Animals need you.


Click on Prayer's picture to read about one of our heartaches.

 Another dog with bullets this year.

Click the above graphic to see our previous heartache. ANOTHER dog shot.

Dead puppy

Click the above blank graphic to see a poor little puppy that was KILLED. This is the SECOND dog killed in the last few days along one of our county roads. To see this in person is even worse, but not everyone can stomach seeing pictures. Most people don't believe how bad it is in our area….. Here's the proof.

American Red Cross Hero Award

Click the above graphic to read about my
nomination and selection as, "The High Plains Branch of the Wyoming Chapter
of the American Red Cross Animal Rescue Hero Award."

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Please support pet friendly businesses!

100% of your donations go towards saving lives. THANK YOU for helping save lives.

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