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100% Funded by Donations!

Quite literally – we can’t do this without your help. Your donations go to help provide medical care, food, and our badly needed supplies. Anything that you spend goes straight to the life saving work that we do. So please let us continue to help out the animals that need it!

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We can also use supplies!

Here are the supplies that we currently need:

  • Clorox
  • Other Cleaning Supplies
  • Paper Towels

We are open 24/7 – but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact us to schedule a visit!

Yes – this is not optional! We and other shelters can’t keep up, so this is a requirement for adopting a pet from us.
Maybe. We have waiting lists for pets to come in already. If you took a pet – it’s your responsibility, own it. If you found a pet, the pet’s care giver passed away, etc – we might be able to take that pet.
We’re a rescue shelter…. So we don’t do that.

Yes, we do! Contact us to find out when the next clinic is! (Prices range from $10 – $95).

Definitely! Please contact us to schedule an appointment!
Obviously financial donations are really appreciated – but we are always in need of products like paper towels, cleaning supplies, food, etc. Please click here to go to our donations page.