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Meet Pet Pals, Inc

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  • We’ve assisted in the placement of over 1,000 animals!

  • Hosted spay/neuter clinics with over 2,500 pets being fixed

  • All work is done by volunteers! (So please consider donating!)

Located in Wyoming about 65 miles from Cheyenne, we are the only state and federally licensed nonprofit animal facility in our county which covers 2,225 square miles.  We started in 2000 and received non-profit status in 2001. Our mission is to achieve a humane existence for animals and reduce the number of stray and unwanted animals. We provide spay/neuter clinics, educational programs for the public and schools, nursing home pet therapy and work with other shelters and rescue organizations in the transport and saving of lives. When animals can’t be adopted due to medical or emotional reasons, we keep them with us and make sure that no one gives up on them again!

At a young age Linda turned to the animals to help with a difficult childhood. She even trained a horse to shake hands, bow and lay down on command! Linda and Larry York rescued their first dog 27 years ago! A little dog that was found running down some railroad tracks. She proved to be challenging but through this Linda and Larry learned that taking the time to help an animal is very rewarding. Obedience classes paid off as the dog became a trick dog performing at nursing homes, hospitals and church functions!

Linda became involved with a Humane Society Animal Shelter in Michigan and volunteered for years before moving back “home” and deciding Wyoming needed a true NO-kill facility.  To start their dream, Larry, Linda’s husband of 30+ years, who had retired went back to work delivering mail. Since that time she has also directly assisted a number of veterinarians during surgeries.

Throughout the years they have found that it’s possible to tame wild cats and even dogs on court ordered bite holds can be helped and then adopted into loving households.

We would love the opportunity to share with you what we’ve learned over the years on how to raise pet so that it’s a successful relationship for both owner and pet. Thank you for making our dreams of saving lives possible!

Linda York


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We are open 24/7 – but BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Contact us to schedule a visit!

Yes – this is not optional! We and other shelters can’t keep up, so this is a requirement for adopting a pet from us.
Maybe. We have waiting lists for pets to come in already. If you took a pet – it’s your responsibility, own it. If you found a pet, the pet’s care giver passed away, etc – we might be able to take that pet.
We’re a rescue shelter…. So we don’t do that.

Yes, we do! Contact us to find out when the next clinic is! (Prices range from $10 – $95).

Definitely! Please contact us to schedule an appointment!
Obviously financial donations are really appreciated – but we are always in need of products like paper towels, cleaning supplies, food, etc. Please click here to go to our donations page.

If you have any other questions –
please contact us