Hero Award!

Dear Fellow Pet Lovers:

After getting up at 4 A.M. June 3, 2008, to do chores and drive to Cheyenne, WY, I was honored with a breakfast and received a Hometown Hero Award from the American Red Cross. I felt humbled to be with some "real" heroes.

I have never thought of myself as a hero. Would I push your stalled car off of a railroad track with my vehicle and take the hit? In a heartbeat, even if my worst enemy needed saved.

Now, would I take the hit for a child or an animal? Twice as fast! To me innocent lives need saved more than any others in this cruel world.

My husband, Larry, and I were foster parents. It's very painful for me to talk about. After picking up two little girls from a hospital at midnight, I had hoped to start their healing process. They had both been beaten with a baseball bat. I told them they were now safe. The little girls were bathed to remove feces and fed for the first time all day. After a restless night, the girls were all smiles as they ate pancakes.

The next afternoon the girls were returned to their Father. They had all been living with his girlfriend. Social Services were told the Father's girlfriend had beaten them and she was removed from the home. The girls said, "Daddy beat us too."

A few days later I read and heard about a blue-eyed blond little girl who had been beaten to death. I know it was one of these girls. Social Services would not confirm nor deny this information. The only thing Social Services said, "It is a sad case". Breaking down in tears, even now, I cannot handle our government being in control of innocent lives and failing them so miserably. At least with pets I can be in control and KNOW they are truly saved. It is often said it is harder to adopt a pet from me than it is to adopt a child. I try VERY hard not to let another innocent life be lost. (If the general public could be trusted, there would not be over 8,000 innocent lives snuffed out annually in my area.)

Being a hero for what I love to do is very humbling. I would like to thank Donna Earley for her letter to the American Red Cross. Donna is one of the people who go above and beyond for a pet. She adopted a crippled little dog, Twix. Twix had been hit by a car and will always walk with a limp.

I would also like to thank the American Red Cross for the nomination. Kudos also to my dear husband, Larry. He has the patience of a saint! We could all take lessons from him.

Last, and I feel most important, I would like to thank the "real" heroes in our every day lives.

Tori Rosenthal, Business Hero
Dan Holroyd, Education Hero
Michelle Mulberry. Emergency Services Hero
Officer Howard Smith, Inspirational Hero
Deb Russell and State Command Sergeant Major Dennis Russel, Military Heroes
Jim Storey, Red Cross Honorary Volunteer
Lonny Berckefeldt, Unsung Hero
Patricia Humphrey, Volunteer Hero
Sam Eliopoulos, Workplace Safety Hero
Danielle Montgomery, Youth Hero

Master of Ceremonies was Major General Edward Wright, Adjutant General of the Wyoming National Guard. He did an excellent job and is a hero in my book!

Thank you everyone for caring,

Linda York

Ps. (PLEASE, spay/neuter your pets.)

At each table setting was a cute little
backpack filled with first-aid supplies.
Our rescued kitty, Raspberry, put it to good use.
Now when he falls he'll have medical supplies!

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