Sky is a VERY loving kitty. She was thought to be wild, but this has not turned out to be true. Pet Pals was asked if we would take Sky from another shelter due to her being so wild. We thought Sky had hyperthyroidism due to her activity and gulping food. As of Oct. 20, 2017 her tests were negative…. HURRAH!

While examining Sky, our veterinarian discovered Sky did not have a corneal scar on her right eye. At one time she had surgery on her injured eye and the top flap of her eye lid was pulled down and tacked to protect it and help it heal. No follow up surgery was done to un-tack the flap. Sky has now had eye surgery to fix the flap and it is healing. So the red in her right eye is from her recent surgery.

We believe Sky is about two years old. She is now ready for adoption! It will take time for her to adjust to your home and then you will fall in love with her! Sky escaped from someone previously so no small children running in and out the door and she must be an inside ONLY kitty. Thank you!


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