ANOTHER sweet kitty in Torrington, WY who was going to be shot so the kittens would die. The city pound doesn’t take in cats and tells people to shoot them per our state laws or have an area vet KILL them. Luckily for Jannis, a Pet Pal supporter came to the rescue and we agreed to take her.

Jannis and her five kittens are now safe unlike a previous kitty who was shot and killed.

Jannis got her name from our number one supporter. Jannis has made saving pets possible due to her generous donations, THANK YOU Jannis!

Mommy kitty got lost in our huge steel building. While searching for her, she was easy to find because of her loud purring! What better tribute than to name this VERY appreciative sweet kitty Jannis!

We are guessing Jannis is only about one year old and was someone’s pet before they tossed her outside. If you want a VERY sweet girl, look no further. Please write for an adoption application, THANK YOU!


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