Freezy was brought to Pet Pals in the winter of 2009. Freezy was brought to us along with her two puppies, all as strays. Flurry and Flicker were adopted.

Freezy has an injured lower lip. It appears that someone wrapped wire or tape around her lip. She also had cuts under her neck. Freezy’s back bone and ribs stuck out from starvation. Freezy now wags her tail nonstop.

She was found on County Road F. Let’s see….It was freezing at only 9′ and her boobies were frozen so the name Freezy came to mind! Her pups are now named Flurry (it was snowing) and Flicker (for the glint of hope they hung onto). And the person who did this also has a name starting with F (for obvious reasons), but I better not type it here. How could someone be SO cruel? Sick, sick, SICK

UPDATE: Freezy was adopted, but was returned because she didn’t get along with horses. So, no livestock, please!

Freezy is also part monkey and will need a covered kennel. She is now about 10 years old. Being an older gal, she HATES being outside when it is cold or raining.


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