This is adorable Dobby!  Dobby is a hairless Chihuahua. He is another DOLL and weighs only 8.1 pounds.  Dobby is content to lay on a chair and watch what you are doing. Dobby can get a little bit out of sorts and will use his teeth when he doesn’t want to be moved or touched!  He LOVES men!

Being so small and having delicate skin, Dobby stays inside and uses newspapers to do his business. He is almost 12 years old. We will never know what this poor tiny boy went through to be so distrusting. Because of Dobby’s temperament he was scheduled to be killed at another shelter. He was then transferred to another rescue who asked Pet Pals for help.

UPDATE: Dobby seems to think Pet Pals is his home. He wants to bite strangers who enter his area by doing a sneak attack on the back of their legs! No good!



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    Loved the post keep it up!

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