Poor mommy kitty named Nutmeg had kittens who were born in a horse trailer. Luckily, they were brought to Pet Pals before they became coyote food. The kitties loved to romp and play all day long. Then one day three of them were adopted TOGETHER! Nutmeg was so happy to have a home with her two babies, Allspice and Chili Powder that she couldn’t believe it. They romped and played with human children to their hearts content. They loved their new family very much.

Then one day everything changed. They were put in cardboard boxes and taken for a ride. Being with their family for almost FIVE years, they didn’t recognize the Animal Angel who had first saved them. When they arrived back at the shelter, things had certainly changed. There were a lot more dogs barking than before and certainly a lot more homeless kitties.

Nutmeg, Allspice and Chili Powder were ALL very scared and spent days/weeks hiding together behind a litter box. After three months, they are finally starting to venture out behind a litter box. If only I could explain to them how the family they loved and grew up with, returned them after almost FIVE years and didn’t bother to get their vaccinations until it was time to get rid of them. 🙁

Can you be a FOREVER home for one or all of them? They are VERY sweet.


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